Extending the battery life of the Garmin Varia Radar

About 4 weeks ago I bought the Garmin Varia Radar. When I heard about it the first I found it quite strange to use a radar on a bicycle, but now I’m very happy about it. Depending how you set it up, it alerts you visual and/or with acustic signals. I’m using the Varia Radar with my Edge 1000. There are many positive reviews on the internet about this device, therefore I do not to repeat that.

So far there is only one problem with the Varia Radar: Battery Life ! In my case, it last only for about two to three hours, even when switching off the lights and only using the radar. But I found a small work-around for that problem that I would like to share with you

I have mounted the RTL-500 to my Topeak Saddlebag using the standard Garmin mount, that came with the Varia Radar. I drilled two holes through the bag and used the two screws that were used for the original mount. Inside the saddlebag is a small Powerbank providing the necessary power for a much longer time. Now I don´t have to be worry about losing the radar or make a long charging-stop.

After my last 5:30 hours ride ( Bern-Yverdon-Neuchatel ) the 2200mAh Powerbank was still half charged, at least two of the blue LEDs were indicating that.

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  1. by Ira Lunsk

    How did you mount the RDL to your saddle bag?

    • by admin

      I drilled two holes through the bag and used the two screws that were used for the original mount. I added two washers to make sure the mount wouldn’t tear of.

  2. by Slowlycatchymonkey

    Thanks that’s very helpful. I’ve just bought the varia radar and want to mount it to my seat pack . I’m surprised there’s no mounting option supplied when most of us need to carry a few objects with us on long rides and item of choice is always a seat pack. Seat packs mostly only get ditched by people racing and they’re not going to want the additional weight of a radar light anyway. The pics are great. THANKYOU

  3. Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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