Extending the battery life of the Garmin Varia Radar

About 4 weeks ago I bought the Garmin Varia Radar. When I heard about it the first I found it quite strange to use a radar on a bicycle, but now I’m very happy about it. Depending how you set it up, it alerts you visual and/or with acustic signals. I’m using the Varia Radar with my Edge 1000. There are many positive reviews on the internet about this device, therefore I do not to repeat that.

So far there is only one problem with the Varia Radar: Battery Life ! In my case, it last only for about two to three hours, even when switching off the lights and only using the radar. But I found a small work-around for that problem that I would like to share with you

I have mounted the RTL-500 to my Topeak Saddlebag using the standard Garmin mount, that came with the Varia Radar. I drilled two holes through the bag and used the two screws that were used for the original mount. Inside the saddlebag is a small Powerbank providing the necessary power for a much longer time. Now I don´t have to be worry about losing the radar or make a long charging-stop.

After my last 5:30 hours ride ( Bern-Yverdon-Neuchatel ) the 2200mAh Powerbank was still half charged, at least two of the blue LEDs were indicating that.

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